I have been in and out of counselling services for many years, I had tried CBT and many others and just hadn’t gotten anywhere. I was still having a lot of meltdowns daily, with no explanation of why I would get into such a state. When I came across Abbie so much changed. She has taught me so much about my Autism and helped me with emotional regulation as well as accepting my diagnosis. I feel more confident in myself, knowing how my conditions affect me, and learning ways in which to ease the harder times. She makes me feel confident in the life decisions I make and validated when I feel a certain way about things. I really enjoy working with someone who is also neurodivergent (she just gets it!), and she makes me feel listened to and has helped me make some huge steps in bettering my life. I highly recommend Abbie to anyone who feels they need extra support.

ND Leeds

Abbie has made me have a different outlook on how counselling can help me. Due to bad experiences, I was convinced it would never help. But Abbie has. She's let me go at my own pace but that allows me to push myself comfortably. Which has allowed me to achieve a lot and persevere through a lot over the last year which I don't think I would have managed without sessions and new learnt strategies from Abbie. I feel Abbie has the understanding, passion and adaptability in our sessions that I have needed and has also really accommodated for my extra needs’ accessibility wise.

ARR York

I would thoroughly recommend Abbie. As a person who is LGBTQ+ and neurodivergent, Abbie has been so supportive and understanding of the way my brain and life functions. I have never had someone who understands the way my brain works so easily without having to explain myself. I feel like I have made significant strides towards my goals whilst working with Abbie and I am so glad to have done so.

AF Leeds

I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Abbie - Abbie made me feel comfortable straight away, she has a warm and empathic approach, and I felt able to bring my authentic self to the sessions without fear of shame or judgement. Abbie provided interesting and insightful observations, regularly checked in with me in terms of diversity/communication, shared excellent examples of theories and reflections, and in the space I felt able to let go of a lot of things I've held onto about the past and feel more positive about the future. I would highly recommend working with Abbie and would not hesitate to work with her again.

EB Kent